Simplicity and elegant: our Mia collection in Scandinavian style

Warm, clean and yet harmonious. The use of natural colors and soft textures makes this lighting collection complete.

Light, soft colors and natural-looking textures give that soothing, lightening effect in the Scandinavian style. It looks modern, tidy and creates peace in your living room or bedroom. Less is more, quality over quantity. Small spaces look bigger due to the use of a lot of white, in combination with black and gray accents and a golden touch here and there. The Scandinavian style is characterized by simple shapes in light colors that derive their softness from textures and materials. Let yourself be embraced by overview and warmth

Table lamps

Important elements in a Scandinavian interior

A Scandinavian interior is characterized by light colors and natural materials. It radiates simplicity and warmth. A Scandinavian room is modern, tidy and simple. Based on comfort and well being