Pink pendant lights

Liven up your room and interior with the right light and just the right pink pendant lights. Go for eye-catching design and sustainability. Pick a pendant light that will make your eyes light up.

Design your own pink pendant light fittings

A few beautiful lamps caught your eye, but you’re still looking for the perfect match? Design your own pendant light. Choose from a variety of sustainable, high-quality materials and go for the light that suits you best: from bright and powerful to warm and soft. Exactly the way you want it.

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Augmented reality allows you to view products in your home before buying them. You can see how the lamp fits into your home and looks before you purchase it. Wondering if the lamp is the right size for your living room or dining room? Watch it now with AR! If your device supports AR, you can view the lamp in your home via the icon at the bottom right!

More than pendants

Do you want to see (even) more different types of luminaires? View the luminaires on our overview and get inspired.